How I loss 8 kilos in 3 months – diet plan

How I loss 8 kilos in 3 months – diet plan

I lost 8 kilos in 3 months, without supplements without depriving myself too much

At the end of December, I was ill in the middle of Christmas Eve. Nausea most of the night. At that time, I thought I was very ugly, because I was bloated. I weighed nearly 60 kgs for 1m65. I have known a weight of 44 kilos certainly, but I do not aim it any more. You could see my ribs, and frankly, it’s not pretty.

But I could dress in 14 years.

There, this nausea, this very unpleasant night was a very effective trigger: it’s time to stop the wine, on which I was not at all shy. I didn’t have the will to stop. I drank easy between 4 and 5 glasses on some meals. A friend had quit wine and other spirits, and had lost quickly, just by stopping the wine.

So it started like that. Wine no longer tastes the same. So I think I was dependent on it. There, unlike stopping smoking a long time ago, which was very difficult and long, things are going very well there.

Finally, I admit that I have, during the races, these temptations ………. No wonder it is difficult with a child. How many times when my son was little, I had no choice but to take him, and each time, it was the cross and the banner to prevent him from being tempted by everything that passed him under the nose.

Anyway, so I stopped the wine. I divided by 2 or even 3, the quantities of food eaten.

Cravings? oh yes, I have some. But to see myself much thinner is still a stimulant, a psychologically very effective doping agent.

I complete all my meals with Chinese pomelo, which I talk about on several pages of the site. I am delighted about it. Except that prices are skyrocketing and more and more pomelos are dry. Almost impossible, finally, to be able to determine if the pomelo will be tasty, juicy, or dry. Apart from the firmness of the fruit. I press on the skin to see how deep or not we sink.

I drink a lot of sparkling water mixed with plain water. Sparkling water having the major drawback of gas and bloating. Avoid sparkling waters that are too rich in sodium, they retain water in the body.

I eat chewing gum without sugar, but with aspartame, and recently I discovered ricolas candies which have the small disadvantage of containing polyols. Polyols are a chemical substance equivalent to aspartame, which gives a feeling of freshness, but which in return also gives rise to bloating. I was told not to exaggerate their consumption especially because aspartame would be carcinogenic …… ..

Ah also, one day, I saw a report on 3 kinds of massages compared to each other to try to know if a slimming cream was effective or not. Three slimming techniques were compared:
a slimming cream
A massage handle
A hand massage (only free formula)

The most effective massage was the free massage. Thinning of the thigh, free saddlebags. A little elbow grease and here’s the job. It’s impressive what massages can

I added sit-ups that I can even do in front of my computer, on my chair.

Aside from the price of the pomelos, everything else is free.

8 kilos lost in 3 months. I have to keep going, for 4 extra pounds to lose. But the motivation is effective there, logical, since the thinning is visible. abdominals are needed. I float in the boxers, it is also important.

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