How to Properly Remove and Cure Acne pus in 2021?

How to Properly Remove and Cure Acne pus in 2021?

Hello friends in this post I will tell you how to remove and Cure Acne pus easily. lets check out:

Types of acne

There are four types of acne: white acne, black acne, red acne, and yellow acne, but it is the final stage of yellow acne that produces pus.

If the inflammation progresses further than red acne, it becomes yellow acne, and at this stage, it is more likely to become acne scars.

The cause of pus is that the body’s immune system causes white blood cells to accumulate in the skin due to the dissolution of the inflamed area when fighting P. acnes.

This is accompanied by very strong swelling, which turns red and black and becomes pus. It is also commonly called the “core” of acne.

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Shouldn’t you crush the pus?

Then, if you crush the acne and release this pus, will the acne be cured?

Certainly, there is no doubt that it will heal quickly if all the pus in the acne is taken out.

It’s often said that acne shouldn’t be crushed, but it’s not wrong if you get pus and core out properly and take proper care.

However, many people do not know how to get pus out correctly, and if pus remains halfway, it will have the opposite effect and the possibility of acne scars will increase.

Therefore, it is generally said that acne should not be crushed.

Correct way to get pus out

Now, I will explain how to properly remove acne pus.

After all, the point is to “get everything out.”

To do this, we use a method called “comedo extrusion method” to remove pus.

There is a special tool, and it is a method to get pus and core by applying pressure to the acne by hitting the round hole on the tip of the metal rod against the acne.

It is sold at pharmacies and drug stores under the name of “comedo squeezer”, and it is easily available on the Internet, so if you are prone to acne, you should buy one.

After pus, it is of course necessary to clean and care for it.

Use acne care products and medicines for aftercare to prevent bacteria from entering immediately.

If all the pus is drained and care is taken, the inflammation will subside and heal after a day or two.

Even if you have pus, let’s take good care and heal the acne well so as not to neglect the care and leave acne scars.

Skin care products that are effective in preventing and improving acne can be easily purchased online.

What are some skin care products for acne care?

It is important to wash your face to prevent and improve acne. Facial soaps and cleansers for acne are on sale.

Those made from natural ingredients such as clay and argan oil have less of a burden on the skin and some have a moisturizing effect, so carefully check the ingredients before choosing.

There are many types of lotion for acne care.

Contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, and high levels of vitamin C work on acne skin.

It is also famous for repelling P. acnes, which causes acne.

If you continue to use it, it will lead to skin that is hard to get acne. There are many types, so it’s best to use them according to your skin type.

Then there are topical medications for acne.

Apply thinly on the acne before skin care with a lotion or cream.

You may want to talk to your doctor before you start using it, as it depends on the medicine.

Ointment is effective for those who want to be cured quickly or for acne that is difficult to cure.

Chinese herbs are also effective against acne.

Some of them help to balance hormones and improve blood circulation, so you may want to try them if you don’t see any effect even after taking topical drugs.

Vitamin preparations that relieve acne, rough skin, and aphthous ulcer are also on sale.

If possible, you should get vitamins in your diet, but if it is difficult, you can supplement with vitamins and supplements.

Some manufacturers only develop acne care products.

Research on acne is progressing, and we are particular about the ingredients, so it is a good idea to try it with a trial set.

We can confidently recommend all the care products introduced on this site to be effective, so it is recommended for those who are new to care and those who have not been effective with other care products.

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