Tips to Train animals in 2020

Tips for training an animal:

Over the years, a lot has been written about how to train an animal , but the people who really know how to train it, when they have told their secret we have realized that they all have a different method, but they are guided by a series of guidelines that helps them get the animal to listen to them.

Several of these techniques have been tested to get the most out of this training of companion pets , they also wanted to know what was the most reliable method for the animal to learn these behavioral measures as quickly as possible or to pay attention to its owner in certain times.

The fact is that I have compiled some of the techniques that training masters have used to achieve the desired effect , by the way, it does not matter what language is used because the animal will adapt to the movement depending on how the word sounds in the moment of your learning.

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For them the most reliable advice:

In the first place, do not make the dog play with a ball , or silly games that can make this fun something endless.

Every time you ask for something, say the name with which you are going to call the movement , then you are going to carry it out, you are going to ask it several times to do it, if it does, give it a cookie or dog food as a reward, if not does, you try again to make me do it.

If your dog does something that is not correct, get angry with him , tell him that what he is doing is not correct, point out what is wrong and say no again, you have to be sure that he has seen what he has done wrong, in time you will learn that this is not done.

Get him used to it when you want him to learn that his needs are not relieved inside, accompany him outside every so often, make it an almost calculated hour, so that he gets used to the fact that at certain times he will have his evacuation time.

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